The Homeward Bound Project: a leadership initiative for femme in STEMM

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The Homeward Bound Project: a leadership initiative for femme in STEMM

The Homeward Bound Project (HB) is a leadership initiative that aims to increase the influence and impact of women in decision-making to shape our planet. Each year HB selects 100 remarkable women from around the world to join the all-female program that improves and draws attention to the systemic lack of gender equity in leadership positions.

This happens in 3 steps:

  • 12 months of intensive online training that focus on strategy, leadership, sciences and wellbeing.
  • A three-week, totally immersive training expedition in Antarctica.
  • By 2036, a globally diverse leadership network of 10,000 women leaders making actions with impact for the betterment of our communities and planet.

The year-long structured program culminates in a three-week intensive training on expedition to Antarctica. This program timeline was altered because of the COVID-19 pandemic — but Samantha is ecstatic to travel to the bottom of the earth now in November 2023!

Send Samantha Elie Botanist to Antarctica!

Throughout the program and on ship HB participants will collaborate on a number of projects surrounding issues that affect the health of our planet. A few notable projects that are already underway include:

  • public campaigns communicating the importance of native biodiversity to human health by the Biodiversity and Health Working Group
  • and educating on and raising awareness of our diverse connections to water in its myriad of forms and how for all water is life by Water Working Group.

The initiative continues as alumni work together in The Convergence, a fortified network of ten thousand leading femme in STEMM all taking actions with impact for the good of our globe. Samantha is a foundational teammate, a member of the Homeward Bound leadership initiative’s 6th cohort (HB6).

Learn more about Samantha’s expedition to the Antarctic here! Help SEB get to the Antarctic_ square w_ QR code

Samantha Elie Botanist