Undergraduate Research

Elevation Ranges of Conifers Compared in Burned and Unburned Plots in Old Growth Forest of Mount Rose, Washington

Primary research in montane terrestrial ecology · Olympia, WA ·  June, 2016

Survey and analysis of conifer seedling communities along an elevation gradient in burned and unburned plots to observe differences in species succession after fire.

Effect of Saltwater on Alnus rubra Photosynthesis

Primary research in coastal terrestrial ecology · Olympia, WA · June, 2016

Measured leaf respiration rate to evaluate photosynthesis in coastal alders that had submerged roots at high tide. Coastal alders were compared to inland controls.

Patterns of Intertidal Burrowing Organisms in the Southern Puget Sound

Primary research in urban shoreline marine ecology · Olympia, WA · June, 2016

Survey of intertidal burrowing life on five beaches in the southern Salish sea. Each beach was sampled at low, mid, and high tides.

Zingiber officinale: A Case Study of Cultural Change due to Globalization

Secondary research in economic botany · Olympia, WA · March, 2016

Comparison of traditional ginger use, cultivation, and modern cash-cropping in the Himalayas and Andes.

Capitalist Tendencies of Zingiber officinale

Secondary research in economic botany · Olympia, WA · March, 2015

History of ginger as it entered the spice trade, commercialization, and traditional spiritual practice.

Hands on Plant and Food Systems in a Cloud Forest Conservancy

Primary research in cloud-forest ecology and env. education · Cusco, Peru · June, 2014                                

Survey, interview, and secondary research on tea growing and vegetable farming agroecological techniques, Andean market systems and food preparation. Research conducted during my internship with Pacha Conservancy, see the Academic Travel: Pacha Conservancy for details.

Samantha Elie Botanist