My First Book!

Plant Wisdom of the Antarctic: Travel Reflections & Science Musings that Matter

Coming to bookstores near you soon!

I am so excited to be writing my first real published book! I am exceedingly grateful for this opportunity and am relishing this writing process. Thank you to everyone who has supported my journey so far and welcome to all who are new to this world of badass independent botany research!


I was selected for an expedition to Antarctica with fellow non-binary and women leaders with backgrounds in Science, Technology, Math, and Medicine. From November 12th - December 1st 2023 I lived aboard a ship with some of the world’s premier academics, policy makers, business heads, and philanthropists. I was the most junior person on this mission. My first book is a story of this voyage and the science along the way.

Photo mockup of book cover "Plant Wisdom of the Antarctic: Travel Reflections & Science Musings that Matter"


In order to dedicate my full attention to the writing process I need your support. I am seeking six people to contribute $100 a month for six months as Patreon members.

If you are interested in supporting independent botany research and the writing process required to share it, please consider contributing monthly as a Patreon member. People like you allow me to focus on the work that matters: helping plants to change the world.


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Samantha Elie Botanist