Youth Ecology Education through Restoration

Students learning how to identify native plants to restore habitat
Students learning how to identify native plants to restore habitat

What is YEER?

The Youth Ecology Education through Restoration (YEER) program engages middle school science students as restoration ecologists to restore land in their own schoolyard or community, with the expert guidance of Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) chapter members and supported by a high-quality classroom science curriculum taught by their classroom teacher.

Class time is focused on concepts surrounding restoration ecology and working field days in the fall, winter, and spring offer practical application of ideas. Field days inspire curiosity and leadership for the natural world.

What does YEER aim to do?

The goal of the YEER project is to encourage students to consider how they can increase local biodiversity and to build their relationship to the land and bodies of water they rely on.

As part of the United Nations Decade on Restoration this action seeks to have ecological and relational impact for generations.

YEER is beginning its third year!

Samantha has been a leader in the YEER program since its pilot year as a steward at Twin Rivers Ranch Preserve. This project is in partnership with the South Sound chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society, Capital Land Trust, and the Shelton School District.

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Learn more

Video by program developer, Act Now Science, sharing 7 minutes of the YEER experience.

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