What is a Native Plant?

What is a Native Plant? Native plants belong where everyone knows their name. Be glad yours remain. A native plant is one that has grown within a specific area for hundreds or thousands of years. Over that time, they developed life-sustaining relationships with one another, animals, fungi, microbes, and the non-living landscape. Every native organism […]

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Plants Can Change The World

Plants Can Change The World Plants are extraordinary superheroes: they provide a multitude of tremendous services without asking for much in return. For starters, plants supply us with the basic requirements of life (food, oxygen, and shelter), but they also enrich our lives in unnoticed ways. The daily tasks that plants perform are called ecosystem services,

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About Samantha Elie

  Who is Samantha Elie? Samantha is a badass botanist and relentless researcher. Currently located at the tip of the Salish Sea, between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. Plants Can Change The World Samantha believes that plants, with humans as their stewards, can change the world. The ecosystem services provided by plants can be

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Samantha Elie Botanist